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MoonWatch your new and original daily moon forecast.

What is a moon forecast?

It’s a lot like a weather forecast! If it’s sunny, it’s a good day to hang out washing and go to the park. But you know you won’t need an umbrella. If it’s rainy it’s probably best to pick up that umbrella.

While you don’t need to change your life to fit in with the energy of the moon, it helps to know what’s going on. You can address problems better, and get the most out of certain activities at different times in the moon cycle. So working with this energy can help you achieve so much more. Remember, the Horizen is all about maximising your potential! It also explains why some days you can’t function as you would like, and helps you to adjust so it’s not such an uphill struggle.

So use it as a guide for self-reflection, and see how much more positive it can make you feel about your life.

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