It’s funny how people end up finding the things that change their life. For me, becoming an astrologer was something that begun with being ill and having a lot of free time. Though on reflection, astrology was always my true path.

I have always been interested in astrology, because I found my star sign to be pretty accurate. As a child, I would cut out and keep anything to do with astrology from my magazines, and read my mum’s Linda Goodman’s Star Signs book cover to cover.

As the internet age grew, I would print of star sign information from pre-teen websites in pages and pages, which I’d read at night before bed.

But I think, like a lot of people, as I grew older star signs just didn’t seem to be enough. They’d fit me fairly well, but miss out other key elements of my personality. That’s why I didn’t discover the power of astrology properly until I had free time forced on me.

It begun with looking up the star signs of the people I knew for fun, and then eventually the one’s of people I didn’t. So much of it was accurate that I felt like I had secret information on everyone!

Eventually my searching lead me to discover moon signs* and I was shocked! They described me so deeply and personally – I was suddenly reading a description of things I knew but didn’t know how to explain.

From there, astrology became my hobby and passion, and possibly even obsession. I went back to reading about the stars every night; carefully studying the art of chart reading, and learning to thread everything together. Even though I was studying for my bachelors degree in Literature and Philosophy at the time, astrology definitely got more attention!

For me, astrology changed my whole world. To understand myself so much better, and to see my reality much clearer is a continual revelation. It helped me make big changes to my life and self for the better. I also introduced my family to astrology’s counselling power. I have found in astrology that I have a gift of real depth and understanding. The older generation of my family are intelligent, world wise, and experienced. Yet I have still been able to create positive changes in their lives, and help them understand themselves on a level they didn’t even know possible. It is clear to say that I stand firm in promoting the power of astrology to transform people’s lives.

There are a few other astrologers that I really admire for what they’ve contributed to astrology so far. Astrologers such as Dana Gerhardt, Dane Rudhyar, John Sandbach, and Joanne Wickenburg have paved the way for astrologers like me to take this art and use it in a revolutionary way.

I firmly believe that we all have the answers inside of us, and for me astrology is a tool that makes those answers clear. But like any tool it is the skill of the craftsman to reveal just what that tool can do.









*see the bottom of the homepage to learn more about moon signs