Some people have a negative view of astrology as something which puts people into boxes which are too generalised. But these assumptions come from most people’s limited understanding of astrology as only being about their star sign.

When you really learn about astrology, you realise that the star sign makes up only one factor – and there are lots of other planets, houses, aspects and degrees which add together to make up a complex picture. Additionally, each point – though specific in itself – must be interpreted as part of the whole picture, and not in isolation.

Interpreting the birth chart is like doing a dance. There are many different specific elements but they come together to create a flowing piece of art with striking movements. Although together they tell their own story, they are still open to the interpretation of the viewer, where some interpretations are deeper and more accurate than others.

There is an underlying structure and meaning to the universe, and astrology is a kind of psychological art written in the stars. An intricate cross-stitch that relies on every individual stitch and thread to create the complete picture.

Though I would never assume that the picture could beat the wonder of what it represents in real life, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a useful way to help people examine the parts of themselves they may otherwise never truly understand.

This is the goal of The Horizen: to use astrology as a springboard to inspire people, help them gain power over their lives, and ultimately lead to richer experiences.