The way we astrologers talk about the North Node is part of the problem. When we imply that it’s a goal, it can often seem like a distant target: too far and hard to ever reach. You’ll have to forgive us for this error, because it comes so naturally. We live in a world where things are measured by goals and achievements – so much so that we disregard the process of getting there. Even spiritually, we are all searching to become ‘complete’ or ‘to find ourselves’, looking for the answer that will pull our lives into place.

That’s why one of the major difficulties people face with their North Node comes from their attitude towards it. We need to learn to see the North Node as a path, not a destination.

If you think of the North Node as a destination, it becomes like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It promises true love, success, money and endless happiness – for those that can catch it. In reality, it’s a lot grittier. It’s a belief, a philosophy that you have to cling to at all times. Committing to this path means constantly being pulled and stretched outside your comfort zone, making you a fuller person. Your North Node is not some distant future person to become, but it is every decision you are making in the present.

It’s not about becoming the perfect example of your North Node. When you focus on living your North Node, your South Node doesn’t just stop existing. So to some extent you will always be both, and each side will be relevant.  Your South Node so natural to you that it will always be a part of your life. You will just approach it with a new attitude and fresh eyes. We all have a South Node – a way of acting which feel natural and makes us feel safe. And yet at the same time, gives us a comfortable, yet unsatisfactory life. To some people, ‘safety’ might be not taking any risks. But to others ‘safety’ may be felt when risking everything – it’s the quiet times that they find challenging.

A wise friend once said to me, “if this is the only life I have to experience ups and downs, then I might as well enjoy it.” Doing things outside your comfort zone, and trying things in a different way– those things are really hard. And we all have our own definition of what is ‘natural’ to us. With the North Node, you won’t always get the results you want first time, but you’ll learn a lot from the experience. Often it can even seem to make things worse, when in actual fact you are making stronger decisions for your future. Sometimes it doesn’t appear to make a difference at all. However, a big part of following your North Node means enjoying these inevitable ups and downs. As you come to see that they make your life more colourful, you’ll appreciate the fact that you did things differently.

So as you can see, the hardest part of the North Node is really believing in your path: because the road less travelled always comes with more doubts. But it’s always the one that gives the best results. If you’re familiar with the North Node then this is something you know, so now it’s the time to have faith and really commit.

To live your North Node requires you to believe in it and to try. So as long as you are trying, you are always following your North Node. Because it’s not something you become, it’s the way you live your life. When we look back on our lives it’s not what we achieved that is interesting, but how we go there and the stories we have to tell as a result. In reality there is no destination – only the satisfaction you’ll get as you open yourself up to a new perspective and appreciate different parts of yourself.


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