With any path its easy to focus heavily on the goal. But being too goal oriented can hold you back from enjoying your experiences. When you’re on a self-improvement path there is a goal we often give ourselves which can do more damage than good. This is the goal of pure happiness.

In astrology the moon passes through different signs, evoking different focuses. It also changes phase from new moon to full moon, showing its different faces. The changeability of the moon is what makes it the planet that represents our emotions.

Because we are human, our feelings are meant to change. Like the moon, they shift through different phases. They change not only to help us respond appropriately to life, but more importantly to help us truly experience it.

When one is just emerging from depression, a technique used to measure progress is counting your happy days. In that case the success comes from more happy days than sad ones. However for those who have moved on from that stage, it can be hard to allow your emotions to flow without judging yourself for your ups and downs.


Its time to refocus: what is the aim of your self-improvement path?

Is your goal really to maintain a permanent state of bliss? Like the moon, your feelings will change. No matter how much you prepare, most people will still feel a level of nervousness before a big event. Things not going your way will still cause some disappointment. Just remember that all these feelings are natural. Permanent bliss is just unrealistic.

It’s not about removing all negative feelings, it’s about how you approach them. Real power doesn’t coming from painting a smile on your face. It comes from being able to feel different feelings and truly enjoy them for reminding you that you are alive. We are not robots, and when we feel we experience life. Like the changing moon, it’s not healthy to get stuck in one emotion forever. The full moon may be beautiful, but the tides of the ocean would suffer for its beauty. Stagnation isn’t healthy in any state.

So if emotions should change, what should be your focus? Well, the real test is maintaining your perspective. If you have self belief and optimism for the future, then you can be sad without wallowing and nervous without stressing. You understand that what is happening in that moment is only happening now. Bittersweet or pleasurable, it won’t last forever. See how different you feel when you enjoy your emotion rather than judge it.

So don’t measure your progress in smiling faces, measure it by the strength of your perspective. If you can keep your belief in yourself and the future when today is bad, you’ll discover a resilience that’ll support you through.

So when will you just be happy? When you’re enjoying your emotions what ever they are, you’ll always be happy because you’ll know you have the power to keep going.

Use your moon forecast to reflect on your feelings. You’ll learn to appreciate their variety and discover the depth of your inner world.