What is the North Node and why is it so important?

The North Node is a point in your chart which shows the qualities you need to develop in order to balance out the ones you naturally have. In contrast the South Node shows the area we feel most comfortable and naturally put a lot of effort. Because the North Node is unfamiliar, it always feels much more difficult to achieve.

When we only live in the manner of our South Node, we may feel comfortable but we often feel dissatisfied. It’s as if life constantly challenges us there. This is partially because that area is so important to us that any slight disruption sends us flying. When one thing is your whole world, everything there becomes a big deal.

north node

Even when we do achieve in our South Node area, without any North Node experiences it can seem quite empty.

In order to move forward and bring yourself and your life into balance, you must try your hardest to face your North Node challenges. You won’t always succeed first time, but the results will be much more satisfying if you stick with it. We always want to be growing from the South to the North.

Your North Node basically expands your perspective so you can solve old issues from your South Node with more wisdom, and in a better manner. It is your lifelong compass.


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