Many people talk about Saturn in terms of  limits and what you need to overcome. And it’s true, Saturn points to the area  in which you’ll receive the most challenges. But what is most important about Saturn is not the  depressive  tale of the challenges you overcame, but what you will become as a result.

This is why Saturn is one of the most important planets to focus on in your chart, especially for self development. The sun tells us who we are, and the moon tells us how we feel and what touches us most deeply . But Saturn shows who you can become.

Why become anything at all?

Saturn rules Capricorn, a sign concerned with reputation. To some the idea of focusing on your reputation seems materialistic or superficial, but that is more a reputation built on others opinions. Your Saturn is really about your reputation of yourself. It is a standard you hold yourself to that keeps your head high. It keeps you respecting yourself when no one else does and truly functioning as  a mature and wise individual. That is the potential of your Saturn.

We all have our own Saturn sign, house and aspects—our own individual way of feeling mature. The self respect that maturity brings is invaluable. A lot of our downfalls in life come back to the times we have disrespected ourselves. When we let friends and family use us, when we stay in jobs that depress us, or missing out on opportunities because we simply couldn’t organise ourselves. In each case we have disrespected ourselves by lowering the quality of our life experiences. That’s why your Saturn return is such a big changing point. The first Saturn return (between the ages 28-30) can be a crisis for many people who suddenly stop and realise that they’ve wasted the first third of their life, disrespecting themselves by not being mature enough to make their life truly worth living.

Saturn can affect your public reputation because eventually the internal maturity you’ve been hiding from will become clear to people around you. People may see you as unreliable, or lack respect for the things you say. As Saturn also rules commitment, people may also sense your lack of commitment to yourself and be non-committal with you too. Like attracts like and so the first step is always one you take with yourself.

People often associate Saturn with fear, but that’s because it’s easier to disregard or hide from something we see as difficult than it is to face it. As much as may be achieved on a spiritual level, if you do not achieve all you can in your Saturn area you will be out of balance and incomplete.

To understand and work on your Saturn is to take responsibility for your life and who you become. That’s why it can seem boring, too mature, or overwhelming, because on some level it is the most serious commitment you will make in your life. But on the other hand, it leads to the most fulfilling life you can live, and the ability feel capable and hold yourself in the highest regard. Life is more fun when you are not limited by your fears or inabilities. Which is why when you follow on your Saturn, you become incredible.