In your chart, there’s a point that you should look for to find focus in your life. This point is called the North Node. It has achieved an almost mythic status in astrology as your ‘karmic destiny’ or soul’s true goal—the path which leads to ultimate personal development.

The South Node, on the other hand, gets a bad rap. It’s said to represent the ‘old you’—the kind of behaviour you’ve done to death that keeps you held back in life, unhappy and doomed. But its not all doom and gloom. The South Node is really your starting place. It’s the position on your track that gives you a direction in the first place. As in any race, it’s probably not a good idea to dawdle there for too long, but with no starting place there is no measure of your personal growth.

So how to think of the South Node?

Imagine you are really good at baking carrot cake. You love baking it and you make it every time people come round. After a while, even though you make an amazing carrot cake, people might start to get bored or they might go on a diet which means they avoid cake entirely.

Faced with a dip in your fans, you shouldn’t stop making it, but maybe you should use your carrot cakes skills to do more. Learn to make other cakes with carrot as a speciality, or develop allergy intolerance versions. You don’t need to make a business out of it, but you could keep baking as your wind down release after a long week at work.

The point is, it’s not about losing your South Node skills, it’s about using their opposite node to make them something more.

A lot of people see planets of their South Node as a sign of doom and gloom. Sun on the South Node might be seen as a sign that who you are will constantly hold you back in life! In reality it means you are born with an extremely strong sense of what you do best. On the other hand, sun on the North Node means it’ll take you longer to find what you do best, as you may constantly feel challenged there.

The nodes are also about balance, and any planet on your South Node tells you that erasing that behaviour completely will erase a part of who you are.  At some point you’ll recognise that the planet you have on your South Node is not all that you are, and you’ll find a way to be more. But it’s worthwhile being grateful for your natural skills in the process.

So ironically, the nodes are a lesson in having your cake, and eating it too. It’s using your fame to bring attention to the plight of others, or making a career of your ability to care. What ever your path, it all begins with the South Node, so it’s something you should appreciate as you move on to more.