How do the stars actually affect me?

There’s something funny happening in the astrology world. As “new age” ideas become popular, more and more people seem to be subscribing to the idea that the planets affect their daily life. The infamous mercury retrograde has become a buzzword that signals dangerous times ahead! But as more people take note of the sky, something not so encouraging is happening too. We’re going back to astrology as a fatalistic tool. This means the stars as the ultimate determines of our fate. In astrology the moon is connected to women, so then a full moon that brings every woman howling to her knees because, well she’s a woman right?

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No quite. This is why astrology is an art and not a science. Putting enough of beaker X into beaker Y won’t always produce a standard result. This is because astrology is personal to you. Everyone has a different astrology chat based on their time, date and location of birth – even the chart of twins born minutes apart can be dramatically different.

Back in the day, astrology used to be considered a hard science. Even though it was highly respected, I don’t think it would be good to go back to the those days. And this is because astrology is not a science. Seeing it as a science means requiring it to provide standardised results for everyone.

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 We’ve already had our astrological revolution where that kind of thinking was transformed. In the old days astrology charts were doom predictors, in which certain placements had your mum eyeing you suspiciously from birth. It was all too much, something had to change. And so, humanistic astrology was born. This came with the idea that your chart showed psychological tendencies and potentials which could be enhanced by the careful nurturing of your astrologer. Free will was also allowed back in the picture. Guiding your parenting skills based on this knowledge could help your child side step their pitfalls and really blossom into something special.

So what’s going on with astrology lovers in the present day? Why has the prescription of doom and gloom returned? Well in short, it’s because most people only know bits and bobs about astrology, even though most would love to know more. Real astrology is a complex mission to learn, and sometimes we astrologers forget that when we throw out one single bit of information, understandably, most people will take it on board in isolation. To really understand astrology it is still as complex as it has always been, it’s only the labelling that has changed. The only way to solve this problem is to get more information out there.

But where does that leave you catching up on your favourite moon ritual? You’ll be forgiven if you don’t want to dedicate years of your life to learning this art just so you “really get it” when the next new moon rolls around.

The answer is simple: see it as an energy. And then reflect on what that actually means for you. Full moons bring things to a climax, which can be intense and disorienting. But not if you have been working on those issues for the past couple of weeks. In that case it becomes more like a relief – like the opening night of your event going really well. It’s the prep before that mattered, but all that becomes clear in the moment.

Whenever you read something astrological, think for a second – how does that relate to me? If mercury retrograde makes people more inwardly focused, a foggy brain might be a sign that you’re in desperate need of some introspection. While this doesn’t have the same instant gratification of just blaming the planets for your weird day, it does mean that you’ll actually get some personal benefits from knowing a bit more about what’s happening in the sky. The planets won’t be your puppeteers, but your supporters and best friends.

We’re moving in a great direction right now, with real astrology becoming more mainstream but we’ve got some work to do. Let’s start the revolution by keeping astrology as a tool for change.

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When will I just feel happy?

With any path its easy to focus heavily on the goal. But being too goal oriented can hold you back from enjoying your experiences. When you’re on a self-improvement path there is a goal we often give ourselves which can do more damage than good. This is the goal of pure happiness.

In astrology the moon passes through different signs, evoking different focuses. It also changes phase from new moon to full moon, showing its different faces. The changeability of the moon is what makes it the planet that represents our emotions.

Because we are human, our feelings are meant to change. Like the moon, they shift through different phases. They change not only to help us respond appropriately to life, but more importantly to help us truly experience it.

When one is just emerging from depression, a technique used to measure progress is counting your happy days. In that case the success comes from more happy days than sad ones. However for those who have moved on from that stage, it can be hard to allow your emotions to flow without judging yourself for your ups and downs.


Its time to refocus: what is the aim of your self-improvement path?

Is your goal really to maintain a permanent state of bliss? Like the moon, your feelings will change. No matter how much you prepare, most people will still feel a level of nervousness before a big event. Things not going your way will still cause some disappointment. Just remember that all these feelings are natural. Permanent bliss is just unrealistic.

It’s not about removing all negative feelings, it’s about how you approach them. Real power doesn’t coming from painting a smile on your face. It comes from being able to feel different feelings and truly enjoy them for reminding you that you are alive. We are not robots, and when we feel we experience life. Like the changing moon, it’s not healthy to get stuck in one emotion forever. The full moon may be beautiful, but the tides of the ocean would suffer for its beauty. Stagnation isn’t healthy in any state.

So if emotions should change, what should be your focus? Well, the real test is maintaining your perspective. If you have self belief and optimism for the future, then you can be sad without wallowing and nervous without stressing. You understand that what is happening in that moment is only happening now. Bittersweet or pleasurable, it won’t last forever. See how different you feel when you enjoy your emotion rather than judge it.

So don’t measure your progress in smiling faces, measure it by the strength of your perspective. If you can keep your belief in yourself and the future when today is bad, you’ll discover a resilience that’ll support you through.

So when will you just be happy? When you’re enjoying your emotions what ever they are, you’ll always be happy because you’ll know you have the power to keep going.

Use your moon forecast to reflect on your feelings. You’ll learn to appreciate their variety and discover the depth of your inner world.

South Node

The South Node: Your Starting Place

In your chart, there’s a point that you should look for to find focus in your life. This point is called the North Node. It has achieved an almost mythic status in astrology as your ‘karmic destiny’ or soul’s true goal—the path which leads to ultimate personal development.

The South Node, on the other hand, gets a bad rap. It’s said to represent the ‘old you’—the kind of behaviour you’ve done to death that keeps you held back in life, unhappy and doomed. But its not all doom and gloom. The South Node is really your starting place. It’s the position on your track that gives you a direction in the first place. As in any race, it’s probably not a good idea to dawdle there for too long, but with no starting place there is no measure of your personal growth.

So how to think of the South Node?

Imagine you are really good at baking carrot cake. You love baking it and you make it every time people come round. After a while, even though you make an amazing carrot cake, people might start to get bored or they might go on a diet which means they avoid cake entirely.

Faced with a dip in your fans, you shouldn’t stop making it, but maybe you should use your carrot cakes skills to do more. Learn to make other cakes with carrot as a speciality, or develop allergy intolerance versions. You don’t need to make a business out of it, but you could keep baking as your wind down release after a long week at work.

The point is, it’s not about losing your South Node skills, it’s about using their opposite node to make them something more.

A lot of people see planets of their South Node as a sign of doom and gloom. Sun on the South Node might be seen as a sign that who you are will constantly hold you back in life! In reality it means you are born with an extremely strong sense of what you do best. On the other hand, sun on the North Node means it’ll take you longer to find what you do best, as you may constantly feel challenged there.

The nodes are also about balance, and any planet on your South Node tells you that erasing that behaviour completely will erase a part of who you are.  At some point you’ll recognise that the planet you have on your South Node is not all that you are, and you’ll find a way to be more. But it’s worthwhile being grateful for your natural skills in the process.

So ironically, the nodes are a lesson in having your cake, and eating it too. It’s using your fame to bring attention to the plight of others, or making a career of your ability to care. What ever your path, it all begins with the South Node, so it’s something you should appreciate as you move on to more.


Saturn the Incredible: What Will You Become?

Many people talk about Saturn in terms of  limits and what you need to overcome. And it’s true, Saturn points to the area  in which you’ll receive the most challenges. But what is most important about Saturn is not the  depressive  tale of the challenges you overcame, but what you will become as a result.

This is why Saturn is one of the most important planets to focus on in your chart, especially for self development. The sun tells us who we are, and the moon tells us how we feel and what touches us most deeply . But Saturn shows who you can become.

Why become anything at all?

Saturn rules Capricorn, a sign concerned with reputation. To some the idea of focusing on your reputation seems materialistic or superficial, but that is more a reputation built on others opinions. Your Saturn is really about your reputation of yourself. It is a standard you hold yourself to that keeps your head high. It keeps you respecting yourself when no one else does and truly functioning as  a mature and wise individual. That is the potential of your Saturn.

We all have our own Saturn sign, house and aspects—our own individual way of feeling mature. The self respect that maturity brings is invaluable. A lot of our downfalls in life come back to the times we have disrespected ourselves. When we let friends and family use us, when we stay in jobs that depress us, or missing out on opportunities because we simply couldn’t organise ourselves. In each case we have disrespected ourselves by lowering the quality of our life experiences. That’s why your Saturn return is such a big changing point. The first Saturn return (between the ages 28-30) can be a crisis for many people who suddenly stop and realise that they’ve wasted the first third of their life, disrespecting themselves by not being mature enough to make their life truly worth living.

Saturn can affect your public reputation because eventually the internal maturity you’ve been hiding from will become clear to people around you. People may see you as unreliable, or lack respect for the things you say. As Saturn also rules commitment, people may also sense your lack of commitment to yourself and be non-committal with you too. Like attracts like and so the first step is always one you take with yourself.

People often associate Saturn with fear, but that’s because it’s easier to disregard or hide from something we see as difficult than it is to face it. As much as may be achieved on a spiritual level, if you do not achieve all you can in your Saturn area you will be out of balance and incomplete.

To understand and work on your Saturn is to take responsibility for your life and who you become. That’s why it can seem boring, too mature, or overwhelming, because on some level it is the most serious commitment you will make in your life. But on the other hand, it leads to the most fulfilling life you can live, and the ability feel capable and hold yourself in the highest regard. Life is more fun when you are not limited by your fears or inabilities. Which is why when you follow on your Saturn, you become incredible.


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