The Burning Question: Personalised Guidance for a Problem Area


Personalised guidance for a problem area. 

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Get the answers to any question you can’t solve yourself, and find the deeper reason behind why you are stuck in that area.

This unique and completely original service will go straight to the heart of your dilemma, solving your problem quickly, practically and effectively.

This service can be used;

  • When you feel you’ve hit a wall and don’t know where to go
  • For career advice
  • For relationship advice
  • For family advice
  • For dealing with insecurities

… and any other problem you may have.


With this service you will receive comprehensive, understandable and insightful advice, tailored to your unique personality. Your talk will be in plain English with no astrological jargon to confuse you.

It is unlike any life coaching or astrological service available.


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How does it work?

Using my in depth knowledge of astrology, combined with my intuitive and highly perceptive approach, I will provide you with the understanding you need to take charge of your own life in this concise 30 minute life changing session.










Please use the contact form to submit the time, date, and location of your birth. Please also include your question.

If you do not know what time you are born, there will be an extra session required to determine your time of birth. Please write ‘unknown’ in the box below and then purchase this extra session by following this link here.



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