Find my birth time – using an ancient technique to discover your time of birth.

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It’s not magic, but it might seem like it is.

Guessing people’s birth time was something that first began for me as nosy hobby, and later developed into a detailed craft. To be able to tell someone who knows what time they were born the exact time of their birth, within an accuracy of 5 minutes, is something most astrologers are unable to do.

This service is traditionally called a birth chart rectification: a traditional technique used by astrologers to determine what time you were born. However, many astrologers use a technique which only narrows the birth time down to an accuracy of 2 hours. Over many years, I have adapted my own unique version to narrow it down to minutes.

Chart rectification is done using a combination of asking questions and studying a range of different astrological charts. The birth chart is worked over and over until everything lines up across all the charts and with the person’s personality, and life experiences: thus making this a time consuming and extremely detail oriented service.
If you know roughly whether you were born in the morning, afternoon, or evening that will help in the process. However, I can discover your birth time completely from scratch.
Questions will be emailed, and there many need to be a series of emails, so please bear that in mind. Once I have an approximate time of a half hour window, there will be a short video chat to check over any last details and refine the time further, to make it as exact as possible.

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