Personality astrology helps you understand yourself on a deeper level, so you can develop and bring out your greatest qualities. But discovering yourself can be addictive! It’s easy to look to the stars for every answer. However, outside help should project us inwards. Not just inwards, but also forwards and upwards. It’s important to me that this is what my astrology provides. A true description of astrology is that it is a tool to help us make wiser choices.

I am very much a teach-a-man-to-fish kind of astrologer. My interpretations give people more independence – a leg lift up, so they only need return when they’ve implemented what they’ve learned, and grown from their last session. Basically, I’m trying to push my customers away! But in all seriousness, I run my practice like this because of my personal belief that we all have to do what’s best for ourselves, and we won’t find that out by looking outside all the time.

When approaching traditional counselling practice, I was informed that most of my clients would be coming to me for a minimum of 4 years, if not their whole life. Whilst traditional counselling can be a really valid way for some people to get the talk and help they need, that level of dependency doesn’t sit right with my philosophy. I want people to become more happy with themselves, and proud of their own perspective and feelings from the first time they get a reading from me. It’s true, everyone has negative qualities. But it’s also true that positive traits hold a kind of magic that gives you the power to actually fight your demons.

So what is the Horizen philosophy? It means empowerment, self-appreciation, and support. The kind of astrology that’s both liberating and reassuring at the same time. This is what astrology does for me, and what I would like to share with you.