Using my in-depth knowledge of astrology and intuitive approach, I will provide you with a comprehensive reading of your birth chart and offer you guidance related to any area you need based on your chart in this 30 minute session.  Your astrological chart is created using your birth time, date and location. This produces a detailed reading that is unique to you. The insight provided in this service can be recorded so it can be revisited time and time again. 

A birth chart for me was the first step towards self-knowledge. It shows our past, our family history, our challenges and our strengths. A reading can help reveal parts of the psyche that are unknown in words, but known to be true once heard. It is a magical experience.

**Please note that a time of birth but be known in order to recieve a reading. If your time of birth is unknown, please first use this service: http://thehorizen.com/product/find-birth-time **

Please use the contact form to submit the time, date, and location of your birth.

If you do not know what time you are born, there will be an extra service required for me to determine your time of birth. If unknown, please purchase this extra session prior to ordering this service by following this link here.

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